We are specialized in microbial strain and bioprocess design and development, including fermentation and downstream set-up and optimization.
Our core experience is the overproduction of valuable metabolites, such as proteins, specialized sugars and biopolymers.

A more efficient path to your target

We provide our clients an integrated solution for the development of biobased ingredients and specialty chemicals. Our solutions involve our unique combined knowledge in strain and bioprocess development, that goes all the way up to the production plant. Through our more than 14 years of life, we have developed more than 100 biomolecules for our clients, always taking into account from the very beginning the required specifications for the intended commercial product.

The design of new bioproducts can only succeed through the combined approach of coming up with novel microbial physiological activities and bioprocess development at large fermentation and purification scales. In this regard, Biopolis is the perfect partner to help you develop the right solution for a better, cost-efficient path to your desired molecule.





  • Lab-scale proof of concept
  • Strain isolation and characterization
  • Culture media optimization
  • Genetic improvement of strains
  • Biocatalyst design
  • mL to 300L in house process units
  • Fermentation development from lab to pilot scale
  • Downstream implementation
  • Fine purification of metabolites
  • Definition of product specifications
  • Batch-wise Manufacturing
  • Pilot scale purification
  • In house assessment of functionality
  • Versatile process controls and at-line analytics

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