ADM Biopolis core expertise is finding, designing and developing microorganisms for industrial and health-related purposes. To develop ground-breaking products, our R&D is based on a series of harmonized, interconnected research platforms.

We aim to understand the complex relationship between microbiome and health. Our sequencing technology has enabled us to identify and understand this microbial diversity. There are a different number of health indications that are completely related to our microbial behavior and to our microbiome. We approach the development of microbiome solutions in a comprehensive way. We isolate, select, develop, and produce the right strains to initiate the specific alteration of the microbiome (dysbiosis) that is responsible for a particular health indication.


We believe in the continous pursuit to become an icon of excellence in our field.
With quality as our benchmark we want to be our shareholders’ best investement.
We promote a positive, collaborative and ethical workplace environment.
We encourage our employees to incorporate the latest know-how in the industry, promoting their personal and professional growth.


We are a B2B provider serving multiple industrial sectors
Food & Beverage
Dietary Supplements & Pharma
Personal Care
Chemical manufacturers
Energy and renewables


Our greatest asset is our staff.  Our team is the foundational stone in the development of our products.
We have a balanced staff with a broad skill set, multidisciplinary knowledge and intellectual commitment ready to put their dedication and enthusiasm towards projects like yours.
To meet our team members, please visit our team page.


our commitment with quality


we are concerned and worried with a proper environmental management

R & D track-record


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